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New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR)

New Zealand Permanent Residency

New Zealand PR allows you and your family to settle in New Zealand permanently and later enabling you to become Citizen. NZ PR visa is valid for indefinite time, and on the basis of New Zealand PR visa you can avail certain benefits like:

How can you apply for the NZ PR visa from India?

There are three basic methods you can opt to apply for New Zealand Visa from India:

SMC (Skilled Migrant Category)

The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) allows you to live and work in New Zealand on a permanent basis. However, you need to go through a point-based system to find out whether you are eligible to apply for this visa. The points are basically allocated for your key profile details, i.e., Age, Education, work experience, etc.

Family Category Visa

There are various categories of family visas are available under which you can apply for PR in New Zealand, if you are a spouse/partner, parent or dependent child of a New Zealand permanent resident or citizen. However, you need to be sponsored by your relative in New Zealand to come to and live in NZ as permanent resident.

Business and Investment Category

This particular category is designed for the individuals who are interested in business and investment in New Zealand to contribute in the growth and development of the NZ economy. There are two basic categories, which come under this stream:

Investor Category:

The Investor category is basically designed for those individuals, who are willing to live and apply for residence in New Zealand by investing in a NZ business. The Investor/Investor Plus categories are the streams you need to opt to apply for this stream.

Entrepreneur Category:

The Entrepreneur Work Visa is for the individuals, who are willing to establish their own business in New Zealand. Once you have run your own business for 2 years (6 months in special cases) in NZ on this visa, you can apply for the Entrepreneur Residence Visa.

Steps to start the New Zealand Skilled Migrant PR application:

Eligibility criteria for Skilled Migrant PR Visa:

The New Zealand PR process is based on points system. To be eligible for New Zealand PR visa, there are 3 important parameters in which you gain points and there is a mandatory English Language Test Score required to meet the basic eligibility to apply an Expression of Interest for New Zealand PR. The three important parameters to gain points are your age, your educational qualification and your work experience. The detailed breakdown is given in the table below.

Points calculator

The New Zealand Skilled Migrant points system is designed to allow Expressions of Interest to be ranked in order so that the New Zealand Immigration authorities can make invitations to apply for residence to those migrants who can offer the most to New Zealand.

IELTS General or Academic 6.5 overall.
TOEFL iBT 79 overall.
PTE academic 58 overall.
Cambridge English Qualification B2-First or B2-First for Schools 176 overall.  
Age Maximum 30 points For age between 20 – 39 years: 30 pts. For age between 40 – 44 years: 20 pts. For age between 45 – 49 years: 10 pts. For age between 50 – 55 years: 5 pts.
Education Maximum 70 points Post secondary diplomas (Level 3-6): 40 pts. Bachelor degree or Post graduation diplomas (Level 7-8): 50 pts. master or doctorate (Level 9-10): 70 pts.
Additional Education points for having New Zealand qualification Maximum 15 points Post Graduation of 2 years: 15 pts. Post Graduation of 1 year: 10 pts. Bachelor degree: 5 pts.
Total Work Experience in Skill shortage Occupations (also called as Green List) Maximum 15 points 10 years or more: 50 pts. 8 years: 40 pts. 6 years: 30 pts. 4 years: 20 pts.
Work experience in Long Term Skills Shortage List (Absolute Skills Shortage occupations) Maximum 15 points 6 years or more: 15 pts. 2 to 5 years: 10 pts.
Additional points for New Zealand work experience Maximum 10 pts Having at least one year of work experience in NZ: 10 pts.
Employment in New Zealand Maximum 110 points Offered skilled employment in NZ: 50 pts. Offered employment in Absolute Skills Shortage occupation: 10 pts Offered employment outside of Auckland: 30 pts. Offered pay above the high remuneration threshold: 20 pts.
Spouse English ability Similar English scores like main applicant. No points for spouse merely having English scores of Spouse. But there are points for spouse education and NZ work experience. Spouse Bachelors: 10 pts. Spouse Masters: 20 pts. If Spouse is working in skilled employment, or has been offered skilled employment, in New Zealand: 20 pts.

Assessment of Educational Qualification from NZQA

If you availed qualification from a recognized institution, then you need not go for qualification assessment. However, if you obtained your qualification from an unrecognized institution, it is mandatory to get an international qualification assessment from NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications assessment) before applying for your EOI. Note that almost all Indian courses and universities, except few, require Qualifications assessment.

An International Qualification Assessment (IQA) is an evaluation of tertiary or vocational qualification gained outside of New Zealand. It compares your overseas qualification to:

We have explained below about procedure of qualification assessment:

The NZQA offer two kinds of assessments:

  1. A Pre-assessment Result (PAR):
  2. A International Qualifications Assessment (IQA).

The Pre-assessment Result used to give you an idea of whether you can claim points for a recognized qualification, but you can’t use it as evidence if you’re later invited to apply for residence. It is not happening now. Doing IQA is the only option left.

If you need an NZQA assessment, you’ll need to include IQA reference number with your Expression of Interest. (EOI).

NZQA evaluates one qualification for each IQA. If you have an additional qualification you want evaluated, you have to apply for another IQA by paying additional fee.

Standard IQA

This is for the evaluation of one qualification


Skill Shortage List IQA

This is for the evaluation of one qualification and assessment under one occupation on an Immigration New Zealand Skill Shortage List


Pre 1998 qualification

There is an additional fee if your qualification was completed before 1998.


The appeal Fee

If you want to appeal the outcome of your evaluation, you need to apply for an appeal within 3 months of the published date on the recognition statement.

You will get a refund of NZ$55 if your appeal changes the outcome.


There is no refund of fee if you cancel you IQA application.

Once your application has been evaluated, you will receive confirmation that your electronic recognition outcome statement is available for download through the online application portal.

Long Term Skills Shortage Occupations (Also called as Absolute Skills Shortage Occupations)

New Zealand recognizes skilled work experience in 2 ways:

Your work experience can either be in a) the same occupation you have claimed skilled employment points for, or b) a different occupation at skill levels 1, 2 or 3 on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). You need to show that you had the relevant qualification when you started that work experience.

‘Skilled Shortage Occupation List’ is now called as ‘Green Occupations List’. It is a different list than the Long Term Skilled shortage Occupations List. We have not mentioned the list of Green List Occupations on this page because those few occupations which are in the Green List but are not in the LTSSL are highly regulated ones and you need license from New Zealand. Hence, we advice that you should apply for New Zealand PR only if your occupation falls in the LTSSL and that too from the occupations that we have listed in the table below.

The skilled Migrant Visa isn’t designed for people who are self-employed. If you want to work in your own business, you may wish to apply for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa instead.

Long Term Skill Shortage Occupations (LTSSL):

Although there are a few more healthcare related regulated occupations that fall under LTSSL list, we have not included it in the table below because they require to you to have licence from New Zealand called as NZ-registration. The following occupations in the below table are suitable options for an Indian national like you who studied outside New Zealand and have work experience outside New Zealand.

Quantity Surveyor (233213)

Surveyor (232212)

Materials Engineer (233112)

Chemical Engineer (233111)

Civil Engineer (233211)

Geotechnical Engineer (233212)

Structural Engineer (233214)

Electrical Engineer (233311)

Electronics Engineer (233411)

Industrial Engineer (233511)

Mechanical Engineer (233512)

Production or Plant Engineer (233513)

Environmental Engineer (233915)

Engineering Professionals nec (233999)

Civil Engineering Technician (312212)

Electrical Engineering Technician (312312)

Electronic Engineering Technician (312412)

Telecommunications Engineer (263311)

Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312)

Multimedia Specialist (Film Animator) (261211)

ICT Project Manager (135112)

Organization and Methods Analyst (224712)

ICT Business Analyst (261111)

Systems Analyst (261112)

Multimedia Specialist (261211)

Web Developer (261212)

Analyst Programmer (261311)

Developer Programmer (261312)

Software Engineer (261313)

Software Tester (261314)

Software and Applications Programmers nec (261399)

Database Administrator (262111)

ICT Security Specialist (262112)

Systems Administrator (262113)

Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111)

Network Administrator (263112)

ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211)

ICT Support Engineer (263212)

ICT Systems Test Engineer (263213)

ICT Support and Test Engineers nec (263299)

Telecommunications Engineer (263311)

Telecommunications Network Engineer (263312)

ICT Customer Support Officer (313112)

Chef (Chef de Partie or higher) (351311)

Environmental Research Scientist (234313)

Food Technologist (234212)

Automotive Electrician (321111)

Diesel Motor Mechanic (including Heavy Vehicle Inspector) (321212)

Electrician (General) (341111)

Electric Line Mechanic (342211)


Application Fees

The EOIs are valid only for 6 months provided that regular monthly selections were happening during this period. If selections were happening at your scores but if you did not receive invitation, then your EOI expires and fee that you paid will not be refunded. You will allowed to submit another EOI after your previous one has expired, but you will need to create a new online account and start a new EOI. Just in case if selections were paused due to any reasons, your EOIs would remain valid until the selections are resumed.

If you are invited to apply for a Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa you will have four months to submit your application.

When can I apply for Citizenship of New Zealand?

The flow is as follows: When you submit an Expression of Interest for PR visa of New Zealand from outside New Zealand, example, from India; based on the points system, your application will be selected and then you will get Invitation to apply. Once you submit your complete file, and if it is approved, you will get a Residence Visa of New Zealand that is usually valid for two years. You will have to immigrate to New Zealand on this visa and find an employment and settle there.

When you complete residing for two years in New Zealand on Residence Visa, you will become eligible to apply for Permanent Residence Visa which comes with indefinite validity.

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