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Australia Permanent Residency What is an Australian PR? An Australian PR is a Permanent Residency Visa that allows you to settle, work and study in Australia indefinitely, using a point-based immigration system. Having an Australian PR has multiple benefits and

New Zealand Permanent Residency New Zealand PR allows you and your family to settle in New Zealand permanently and later enabling you to become Citizen. NZ PR visa is valid for indefinite time, and on the basis

Click Here For IELTS Listening Tests Audios IELTS Prep Course The IELTS Enthusiasm At Enaaya consulting we provide complete solutions for all your IELTS demand, which includes one to one training with trainers who stand on par with

Study Visa We at Enaaya Consulting provide complete package for all those of you who dream of studying abroad. We provide IELTS or PTE coaching, University admission and student visa application services for the following countries: Canada

Visitor Visa A visitor visa is a temporary resident visa where you are allowed to travel to a country for purposes like tourism, visiting a friend or family member, attending a business meeting, expo, conference, medical treatment

Transcripts and ECA services Why transcripts? Transcript of Records (ToR): The mark sheet which covers all the academic records of a student is called a Transcript or ToR. It is a sheet that contains the list of all

Post Landing Assistance Move…Relocate…Transfer...Shift…Transition…Don’t these terms send a chill down your spine and scare you off on the very thought of migrating somewhere? But yet we all end up doing it……why? That’s because we do not always

Invest in USA (EB5) The EB-5 "Investor Green Card" is a permanent residency U.S. visa designed to allow permanent U.S. residency to foreign investors who are willing to invest significant capital in American companies. The conditions require: An investment