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Malta, a Southern European Island nation in the Mediterranean, is an attractive destination for international students with 88% of population speaking English, thus making Malta one among the most preferred choices to study abroad. Malta has a well-rounded education system with several public as well as private institutions offering full-time programs to international students in a variety of disciplines as well as specialized courses in technology, tourism, arts, etc. Majority of these institutions are in Valetta, the capital city. They welcome students on exchange programs, as well as offer scholarships. All qualifications attained through the institutions in Malta are internationally recognized. High quality education, affordable standard of living, and plenty of exciting career opportunities make Malta an appealing study abroad destination.

Tourism in Malta is a driver of job growth and economic prosperity. Study in Malta is most suited for international students as it is an English-speaking country and education in Malta is based on the British model offering rich and diverse programs for higher studies. Companies in Malta are always on the look-out for business development managers, analysts, account executives, and coders, designers, and data scientists. They offer quite handsome pay packages for most of these job roles.

Why choose Enaaya Consulting for your study abroad process

  • Free Counseling: We explain the process in detail without consultation fee. Our counseling is the stepping stone for success of every student who dreams of studying abroad.
  • Course Selection: Our expert team provides at least five options of courses and colleges for a candidate to select as per their interest and budget. Our expert educational consultants have got a strong training in shortlisting right courses for our students.
  • Documents Arrangement: We feel it’s essential for students to get the correct advice when they plan to study overseas. We help students in arrangement and submission of their documents within deadlines as per the requirements of both, university and embassy.
  • Financial Assistance: We help the outstanding students in getting grants and scholarships.
  • Visa Filing: We assist the students in visa filing of all modes that includes online, drop box and in person interviews with absolutely flawless application process.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing: Our comprehensive checklist will cover all your retrospective and prospective prerequisites when you leave for higher studies abroad.
  • Airport Pick-Up and Accommodation Guidance: The students can feel safe the moment they land in their dream country. Our representatives would pick them up from airport and guide them completely until they settle down at the accommodation of their choice.

Best Universities in Malta

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Masters Courses in Demand in Malta

  • Masters in Robotics
  • Masters in Aerospace Engineering
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • Masters in Environmental Engineering
  • Masters in Product Design
  • Masters in Mechatronics
  • Masters in Artificial Intelligence
  • Masters in Biochemistry

PG Diploma Courses in Demand in Malta

  • PGD in Accountancy
  • PGD in Aerospace Engineering
  • PGD in Biological
  • PGD in Biomedical Engineering
  • PGD in Biomedical Informatics
  • PGD in Business Analytics
  • PGD in Business Administration
  • PGD in Chemical Engineering
  • PGD in Civil Engineering
  • PGD in Computer Engineering
  • PGD in Cyber Security
  • PGD in Construction Management
  • PGD in Data Analytics
  • PGD in Environmental Engineering
  • PGD in Finance
  • PGD in Global Management
  • PGD in Global health
  • PGD in Health Informatics
  • PGD in Industrial Design
  • PGD in Manufacturing Engineering
  • PGD in Marketing
  • PGD in Material Science
  • PGD in Mechanical Engineering
  • PGD in Neuroscience
  • PGD in Nursing

Bachelors Courses in Demand in Malta

  • Bachelors in Accounting
  • Bachelors in Agribusiness
  • Bachelors in Biochemistry
  • Bachelors in Architecture
  • Bachelors in Biology
  • Bachelors in Chemistry
  • Bachelors in Computer Science
  • Bachelors in Engineering
  • Bachelors in Financial Management
  • Bachelors in Nursing
  • Bachelors in Marketing
  • Bachelors in Management
  • Bachelors in Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering
  • Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Biotechnology
  • Bachelors in Law
  • Bachelors in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelors in Construction Management
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelors in Global Management
  • Bachelors in Health Science\Bachelors in Industrial
  • Bachelors in Information Technology
  • Bachelors in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Neuroscience
  • Bachelors in Psychology
  • Bachelors in Public Health
  • Bachelors in Software Engineering
  • Bachelors in Supply chain Management